VAMPYRE‘s self-titled debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered in late 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Atlanta, Georgia. Several of the songs were written by The Nosferatu and Chyanne Lynne during previous VAMPYRE tours, lead singer Carlton Heston contributed lyrics for new songs including “Manikin”, “Strange Disease” and “Up From Hell”. “Fallen Angel” and “Invisible” were also written for this album and will be in our 2021 live shows.

Select a song to listen and view the lyric video:

Track 1:    Manikin

Track 2:    Real Vampyres

Track 3:    Nosferatu

Track 4:    Fallen Angel

Track 5:    Stay

Track 6:    Invisible

Track 7:    Strange Disease

Track 8:    LightItUp

Track 9:    Up From Hell